“Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert”

Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert comprised of ube, or purple yam ice cream, shaved ice, and ten different toppings. We tried this popular drink at London ice cream parlor, Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream.

"A Filipino take on an ice cream parlour”

A Filipino take on an ice cream parlour serving colourful concoctions with lots of Eastern influence.

“No filters necessary”

The bilog is the kind of ice-cream sandwich that every ice-cream sandwich aspires to be – a hot and crispy bun encased around a deliciously cold interior. No filters necessary.

“Highly instagrammable milk buns or cones”

...Strikingly-coloured scoops of black buko or ube, dished up in highly instagrammable milk buns or cones.

“Mini-Manila street food experience”

Have [ube] as the filling in the toasted Bilog for your very own mini-Manila street food experience...

“Customers simply keep on returning”

It’s a testament to the quality of its goods, of its ice cream and offerings, that customers simply keep on returning, bringing along friends and family members as new customers each time.

“There is plenty to tempt”

Mamasons is a breath of fresh air in a city prone to flimsy food fads. ...there is plenty to tempt.

“Making a buzz in Camden Town”

Mamasons is undoubtedly making a buzz in Camden Town’s dessert scene with its unique twist of Pinoy flavours for ice cream.

“Every scoop makes someone happy”

The shop’s ice cream gurus make sure that every scoop makes someone happy – and reminiscent of Manila, if ever they’ve been there.

“Mamasons make a delicious scoop”

"Don’t let the description fool you: Mamasons make a delicious scoop."

“It's proven to be very popular”

Charcoal coconut ice cream is a delicacy in the Philippines. We went to try it at Mamason's Dirty Ice Cream. They've brought it to London and it's proven very popular.

“Inspired by the Philippines”

Our FOOD NETWORK spotlight on our unique Philippino inspired desserts.. click her to watch


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