UBE Doughnuts

For those who follow us on the gram your probably aware of our new special the Ube Doughnut. Initially a one off launch, but the response has been overwhelming and if we didn’t bring this back we would of had a riot on our hands. So for all those who threatened our lives we have brought it back, but  just for this weekend. 
This weekend (SAT & SUN) 3rd to 4th of March 2018 we will be making Ube Doughnuts for all you lovely people! We will also be taking reservations for batches of 4. There is going to be a limited amount available per day so please come early. To reserve your Doughnuts, send us a DM on the Gram with your name. 😅 #mamasons #doughnts #comegetit #ube

omar shah